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A rich year for the bees of SEL Groupe

During the month of August, we realized the last harvest of the year
year with a quality summer honey! From now on the hives do not have
have no more supers and will start to build up their stock of honey
for the winter. During the month of September the main flowering is
flowering is the ivy that you can discover in the heading
"The blooming" section. The end of the harvest also marks the beginning of the
treatment against the varroa mite which is a parasite of the bee causing the
the majority of their mortality. The drones of each hive
start to be rejected, the reason? The bees consider them useless
as winter approaches, they will die of cold and hunger. The
populations will decrease again during a few weeks to stabilize at about 15 000
stabilize at about 15,000 bees per colony for the winter. During
month of October, we will be able to supplement the stocks of each
each hive according to the weight they have reached. All our
hives are in good shape to face the end of the season.

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