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June honey

The 2022 spring harvest is on!

A few weeks ago, we harvested the first honey on our site.
honey harvest on our site. The bees were able to take advantage of
weather in the first part of the season to store enough nectar, which becomes honey
sufficient quantities of nectar, which becomes honey when the sugars are
sugars have been transformed. Of the 2 hives installed, only 1 produced
excess honey, which we were able to recover and put into
to be extracted and potted later in the season. The
The second hive is a still developing hive, the queen has suffered a low
the queen has been undergoing low populations for several weeks
which led to a delay in the colony, but the colony will soon receive its
will soon receive its increase in production. From now on the bees
brambles, lime trees, chestnut trees and all the flowers
and all the flowers that we can put in our gardens (clover, dandelion, etc.).
(clover, dandelion, borage, phacelia, sunflower).

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