2023 is off to a great start!

Our EcoVadis assessment and sustainability performance was eligible for a Silver Medal and an EcoVadis Sustainability Certificate! These recognize the work we have undertaken to create a more sustainable world.    

Thanks to you and see you soon!

This edition of ENARGAÏA 2022, was once again a moment of exceptional meetings. We would like to thank you warmly for your presence, and the quality of our exchanges on the stand. Two days of friendly and warm atmosphere, thanks and encouragement, have boosted us to continue to give you the best [...]

SEL Group joins the Coq Vert community!

CLIMAT CHERCHE PATRONS MILITANTS! is the motto of the Coq Vert community. In partnership with ADEME, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the BPI, the Coq Vert community aims to create a collective emulation in favor of the ecological transition. But not everyone can join! It is necessary to show [...]

SEL Group on the island of Beauty

SEL Groupe delivered a substation near Bastia, for an 11 MW wind farm. One of the challenges of the project was the handling on site. In partnership with a local lifting company, this mission was a success! Thanks to all the partners and collaborators who participated in this project.

Garden Party at the Prefecture of LILLE

Emergency intervention following the breakage of the 15,000 volt power cable of the Prefecture of Lille. After a fault detection in the gardens, a ramp was installed on the cable, as well as the construction of a new HTA head on the public network side. Thanks to the SEL Group team who took on the task.

SEL Group has the balls!!!

The entire SEL Group staff met for the mid-year seminar. It was an opportunity to take a break from the activity, to share and exchange on the company. A great moment of cohesion. This year petanque! Congratulations to Fabien and Lucas, the champions of this edition!  


After Mauritius and Reunion Island, we are equipping New Caledonia with a "GUYS" system. The company SEL Groupe has been commissioned by Total Energies to design, manufacture and commission a "GUYS" system. This system consists in making the public distribution network communicate with the delivery station, a [...]

The 2022 spring harvest is on!

A few weeks ago, we harvested the first honey on our site. The bees were able to take advantage of the good weather in the first part of the season to store sufficient quantities of nectar, which becomes honey when the sugars are transformed. Of the 2 hives installed, only 1 produced [...]

SALT 30°C " la BARBE " !

Why are the bees grouped together like this? We assure you, it's nothing serious! When they form a cluster outside the hive, they are said to be "bearding". In the event of a heavy honeyflow combined with a strong colony and high temperatures [...]

SEL, Heart of Lyon!

Reservoir Sun, ENGIE and OL Groupe have joined forces to solarise the OL Vallée project. This innovative and sustainable commitment encompasses the solarisation of an entire local ecosystem, thanks in particular to a variety of photovoltaic solutions. SEL supplied the project with delivery stations, prefabricated transformer stations, including one integrated directly into the stadium.