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About us

Established in the North of France since its creation in 2000, SEL Groupe is a key player in the electricity sector. The company specialises in high voltage installations for the distribution or production of energy.


Our expertise

SEL Groupe brings together recognised experts in the design and installation of equipment. Our integrated design office is able to design customised equipment and infrastructure for all types of sectors as well as for the connection and management of renewable energy. While our technical expertise is recognised, our know-how is also essential in terms of listening, understanding and human relations.

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Our key figures

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Our qualifications

SEL Group meets the highest standards of quality and reliability in the design, production and installation of its products. These requirements are certified by independent bodies and regularly challenged to maintain the highest level of service.

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Our values

To bring our clients' projects to a successful conclusion by providing them with the best overall SEL Group solution.

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Values such as :

Our CSR objectives

stronger commitments for a softer impact.

At SEL Groupe, CSR is at the heart of our commitments.
Employees, customers, partners, we are all concerned and stakeholders.
As an SME in Flanders, in a region that has inherited a social and environmental record that has been burdened by intense industrial mining activity and two world wars, we are aware that we can take action through our company.
The values of the SEL Group allow us to structure our CSR policy around 4 pillars and 24 ambitious targets by 2026.

Independence and Value Sharing

Our commitments :

Our objectives :

Committing to a world of citizenship and solidarity

Our commitments :

Our objectives :

Cultivating our human capital

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Our objectives :

Protecting our environment

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Our objectives :